Connection Cork Yoga Mat (3.5MM)

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  • 100% natural cork & natural tree rubber
  • ULTRA-GRIP when sweating!
  • No PVC, PER, TPE or chemicals
  • Sustainably harvested, no cutting down of trees
  • Cork surface naturally absorbs sweat and eliminates odor
  • FREE strap included (Value of $10)
  • Perfect for: hot yoga, gentle yoga, meditation, stretching
  • Spray a little with water to activate the sweat-grip in cold practices until the body is warm
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Please read our policy and what it includes here.

SCORIA GIVES: Every yoga mat = 10 meals to a child in need ~ learn more here 

Dimension:  72 x 24 inches
Thickness: 3.5 mm  
Weight: 2.4 kg

*The Inner-Child Collection (Signature Brand)!

This yoga mat is designed by shop owner and artist, Yara, and is interpreted art from children's stories for adults to have a reminder of embracing youthful playfulness and the inner child. This is from our first collection which was an interpretation of stories from art students ages 5-7 who had a spark for the mountains and their pet fish ha! 

The inner child collection represents the brand's spark for creativity, as we believe the inner child without the self-conscious thinking of following society's trends and newness of perspective is our real true self


Lose the towel and embrace the first ever cork yoga mat that encourages play for adults. No matter how much you sweat, The Scoria Cork mat delivers supreme traction with no slip.

Use & Care

After sweating, lay the mat to dry, then roll & store.
Always roll CORK side out.
Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.
To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little soap and warm water.
Not machine washable.

Yogis featured

Square photos in order: @jess_likethat_, @adark.lana@carleebyoga, @humberly, @danielle_radulski, @xulian, @dr_kaufman


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The Scoria Cork mat's top and bottom layer are both made with sustainably harvested cork and tree rubber. 100% biodegradable and easily renewable. 100% ensured to be safe for breathing without any toxics or chemicals leaching.

1 Scoria mat saves 925 litres of water, uses 15.8kg less gas emissions and 23kg less petrochemicals compared to your average synthetic mat

How is the cork & rubber bonded? Do you use any glues?
There are no glues or harsh chemicals added or used. The cork grains are bonded by light, water based eco adhesives to a natural base cloth under high temperature between natural rubber and cork. We use high temperature to make use of the already sticky quality of the natural latex in the rubber.

What inks do you use for your yoga mats?
We use water-based non-toxic inks

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