1 Year Warranty

Scoria World has the following limited Warranty Policy on all Scoria cork mats:

We ensure a 1 year warranty for unusual wear and manufacturing defects only

(please note warranty is void and does not cover damage caused by long sun exposure, mistreating the mat, cutting the mat, drawing on the mat, packing and unpacking the mat in small spaces, or rolling the mat incorrectly).

Defects Covered Under Our Warranty:

  • Product defects, such as gouges, slices or divots found at the time of purchase before use
  • Unusual wear not caused by regular use of the product
  • Peeling top surface that is not caused by folding the yoga mat the wrong way (cork side should always rolled on the outside)

Wear Not Covered Under Our Warranty:

  • Regular wear of the rubber backing (this backing is used on floors and will have regular wear as any other product)
  • Uneven color patterns, stains, or discoloration due to use
  • Creases and folds from improper handling and/or storing. The mat is best cared for when laid flat or rolled up cork side out
  • Improper cleaning such as the use of harsh chemicals, or damage from a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Damage from using it or carrying it roughly
  • Damage from outside elements or factors such as sun exposure
  • Fading of artwork
  • Peeling of cork particles from rolling the mat cork side in or folding the cork

Does this warranty cover international shoppers?

This warranty covers all shoppers for a yoga mat replacement, however this warranty only covers shipping to USA and Canada. International shipping fees will apply for a replacement for any replacement outside of those countries. Customers are also responsible for any duties that may apply by us shipping a replacement. Shipping is not refunded under this warranty.

Caring for your mat and prolonging its lifetime:

To prolong the life of your cork mat, we recommend rolling it cork side out, and storing it in the shade. Sun is not only damaging to our skin, but to your cork mat as well! We encourage you to clean the yoga mat with water and/or soap when body oil is present or after outdoor use.

In the event that you find your mat has a defect, please send us an image of the mat, providing a clear photo showing the defect. Our team will review the request and determine if the yoga mat falls under our 1 Year Warranty criteria. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we’d be happy to replace manufacturing defects!

As always, if you have any more questions about our warranty policy or how to properly care for your yoga mat, please do not hesitate to contact us.