Updated: May 26, 2022

Order Processing Delays

Currently there are no delays in processing your order! Please note if your order is a pre-order this can be subject to delays out of our control.

Operations & Business Update

You may notice that there has been a slight price increase on some of our products.We truly want to offer you the best price, quality and service for our products. Our team is small and consists of women, Scoria is also owned by a young woman. It is very important to us to keep our mission going. Sadly, during this past year, it has been very difficult for so many small businesses and also for so many individuals. Inflation took a hit on us all. With the steep increase in gas prices, raw materials that we sustainably source, and other factors that have caused costs to go drastically up. In order to keep our quality, sustainability mission, ethics, values and our business simply going, we had to make these price adjustments to our products and we really tried to fight this but we aim to keep our mission and quality the same. This way we can continue to offer top quality, keep environmental sustainability & social impact in mind and to keep going. 


We thank you so much for understanding! And we hope our products will not disappoint 💚
With love,
The Scoria Team