During these months, instead of our individual meal donations, we are choosing to donate our charity funds towards sending full carts of groceries to families in need across North America as a COVID 19 relief through our charity partner Feeding Children Everywhere. They are sending this relief to those who experienced job loss, medical bills, or other. For March, we are currently on the mark of donating an equivalent of 1,755 food servings. Every 15 yoga mats sold or 25 other-items purchased on our website, will equal a donation of a full fresh grocery cart sent to families in need. Every full cart can feed a family for at least a week. We thank you all for choosing Scoria and for being a part of helping create even a slight impact at this time and serve our aim to provide fresh groceries to families in need. Thank you!


Timeline: Our order processing is 1-3 business days usually during regular timelines. However, we are experiencing delays right now and it could take us 3-7 business days or slightly more to ship the order!

This is only temporary. And, delays will be way less in the next week.

Please be aware if your order says "pre-order" as those won't ship until the dated stated in the description.

 Transit time of shipping to USA, can also be affected by couriers. Couriers may experience delays when in transit that are out of our control. So, please be patient with your orders as this is a difficult time for couriers as well and rotating shifts for keeping a social distance. For international orders, airlines and freight restrictions are changing every day so you may experience delays for international orders and we will let you know of updates in cases that are needed.

Safety: Our employees safety are our #1 priority and our shipping warehouse is working hard around the clock to ship your packages safely. We are also taking precautions with hygiene and social distancing in the warehouse, and only a few can be working at a time. Other than that, we are an online business and everyone on our team works from home. 


Every customer who purchases anything - no matter what item, receives a 25 minute beginners yoga class video with their purchase. We hope to encourage you to start your yoga journey and movement practice.

Sending you all a lot of love at this time, 


The Scoria Team