Brand Ambassador Program

The Brand Ambassador's role is to promote our company’s image. Scoria World Yoga wants you to create successful initiatives that promote our brand.

In return for your work and support we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador!

  1. Flexible Schedule. This side gig allows you the freedom of no set schedule. You can make commission money on your own time. You don't have to worry about being on time or missing work, because we don't need you to clock-in anywhere. This job isn't stressful. 
  2. Gain Valuable Experience. The job experience that you gain from being a brand representative can spruce up your resume, which could lead to a better position in the future either at Scoria World or at another company. When you become a Brand Ambassador, it means you are passionate about the company you are promoting, and this role offers several benefits for your resume. You are responsible for driving brand awareness, increasing the number of customers and engaging users on social media and these skills are highly quantifiable.
  3. Exposure & Networking Opportunities. At Scoria World, our Brand Ambassador Program allows participants an opportunity to write blogs, craft social media posts and take photos for inclusion on such social media platforms as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is a great opportunity to be noticed by different audiences. This will also include our efforts to help you grow and promote you as an influential leader in the fashion community. In addition, it will allow you to grow your social and professional network while also providing you with examples of your work you can show potential employers during your next job search. 
  4. Awesome Perks. There are a lot of benefits that go beyond just commission benefits. Being a brand ambassador can be fun and it gives you the opportunity to potentially earn extra money! We offer discounts on everything you buy in addition to commission on anything you helped to sell. Scoria World offers Brand Ambassadors an exclusive 30% OFF DISCOUNT on ALL products, and the possibility of even free swag. We want you to pick what you want to wear.
  5. Potential to Make Extra Money. At Scoria, we will also provide each Brand Ambassador with each of the following:
      • Unique discount code to share via social media (e.g., Instagram & Facebook).
        • Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code at – you’ll earn (5%) percentage of their total purchases for as long as you remain a Scoria Worls Ambassador!
        • Each 10 times your unique code is used, your commission will increase by 1%.
      • The (optional) opportunity to have a featured picture and short bio on our coming soon Scoria World ambassador page; with links to any of your social media profiles. This opportunity will be offered after your first 3 months with Scoria.

Ambassador Commission: (Achieve commission on sales with your given unique code.)
Conversion action: online purchase with processed valid payment
Commission type: percent of sale
Base commission: 5%
Payout: Paypal


1. Email us at with the subject line: "Brand Ambassador"

2. We will email you with our agreement form and take it from there

Ps. We also have a brand affiliate program with a chance of 10% of commission! Check it out here.

Lots of Love,

Team Scoria