Out Of This World Moon Facts

Luna, our beloved moon! Using her energy, she influences the tides on Earth and the water within our bodies - awakening our emotions, behaviors, and consciousness. She moves us the same way she moves the tides and at times makes us feel like everything is going to be alright. If she looks dark today, she shines tomorrow. And no matter how different we all are from one another or how far apart- she still connects us together when we look up to the sky and see the same moon bringing us all together again.

It was about fifty years ago that the first human walked on the moon! And with this post we are celebrating this day through fun and science-based facts. Hope you'll enjoy these..

Fact 1

Did you know that there are over 500,000 different craters on the moon and they all have names? The IAU (International Astronomical Union) decides the names based on two primary themes - deceased scientists, scholars, explorers, and artists who became known that had made contributions; deceased russian and american astronauts.

Fact 2

The moon has “moonquakes”. They are similar to earthquakes but can last up to thirty minutes long. Moonquakes are caused by the gravitational pull of the earth.

Fact 3

If you were to view an eclipse from the moon, it is reversed from the perspective of the earth.

Earth's Moon: Crater Daedalus (formerly No. 308) - NASA
Crater Daedalus (formerly No. 308) - NASA

Fact 4

The moon’s diameter is 3,474km which is the equivalent of the distance between New York City to Phoenix, Arizona.

Fact 5

If you combined all of the moon rocks collected from Apollo missions, there would be approximately 850 pounds worth.

Fact 6

We only ever see slightly more than half of the moon while on the earth. This is because the rate of the moon's revelation is not uniform like it’s rotation. 

Scoria Moon Phase Cork Yoga Mat
Picture of our Moon Phase Cork Yoga Mat
Pc: @janellekelmyoga 

Fact 7

Some of the items that have been left on the moon include a message from Queen Elizabeth II, two golf balls, a piece of lava and an Andy Warhol doodle. 

Fact 8

One of the astronauts that landed on the moon, Apollo 17, was allergic to the moon-dust. It wasn’t until astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt removed his spacesuit, that he began feeling symptoms. Luckily, they only lasted two hours.

Buzz Aldrin’s Bootprint - NASA
Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin’s Bootprint - NASA

Fact 9

Bootprints left by astronauts who landed on the moon could be visible for millions of years due to the lack of wind and water.

Fact 10

The moon is not actually round, it’s oval shaped. After incredibly hot tidal forces shaped it’s crust, the moon began to adjust its overall shape. However, due to the Earth’s gravitational forces, it has helped exaggerate the appearance.


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