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  • Life Force Yoga Mat
  • Life Force Yoga Mat
  • Life Force Yoga Mat
  • Life Force Yoga Mat
  • Life Force Yoga Mat

Life Force Yoga Mat

Life Force Yoga Mat

$80.00 USD


Embrace the world's first yoga mat that's made for grown ups who are kids at heart. Made from earth's love and goes back to earth at the end of its life cycle. Guaranteed to give you super powers, so create stories and start believing in magic again.


Cork is completely renewable and sustainable, harvesting bark does not harm the tree. Each time cork is harvested; cork bark regenerates itself. 

- Smooth surface that naturally resists mold, mildew or bad smells.

- Made with natural cork and backed with natural tree rubber. 

- 6 meals distributed to a hungry child with every mat you buy. Ending world hunger one mat at a time.

- No PVC, PER, TPE, or Latex used.

- Sweat-loving grip! The wetter the better, wet this non-slip mat before your practice to enhance the gripping quality of these natural yoga mats. No towel needed.

- BEST for Hot yoga. Excellent for Vinyasa or Bikram. And, a great mat for general exercises, meditation, pilates and more.

- Comes with a FREE yoga mat strap.

Sizing: 175cm x 64cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 2.5kg


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Care Instructions
Roll up loosely, cork side out.
Not machine washable.
After heavy sweating, lay out flat to dry.
When required, simply wipe with a clean cloth and a little soap and water.

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