"It all started with this question:  What happened to our creativity after growing up?" 
- Yara Kamal, Founder/ CEO 
Founded & crowdfunded in 2017 on Kickstarter.
At Scoria we believe that reconnecting with lost creativity enhances our mental and physical well-being no matter how much life we've had, we can allow ourselves to still have fun, take things a bit less seriously and enjoy it. We can continue to dance, play and move our body however feels good over what "looks" good! We also believe that creativity must be embraced with kindness. We create products that encourage playfulness, imagination, and story-telling for everyone. So, let's rediscover who we were before the world told us who to be.  #SparktheChildWithin

Hey you!
I'm Yara, I started Scoria after I became more aware of the indirect society pressure to succeed and fit in a world of physical values. This pressure forced me to be what others wanted me to be and continue trying to keep up with "looking" and "presenting myself" a certain way. It led me into a loophole of depression feeling like I lost my true self. One day it hit me, I knew it- Playfulness and the connection to the creative side of my brain has vanished from my life at 18 due to societal pressures and fear of judgement to act a certain way. I knew I needed to explore more expression in my life and achieve a state of presence who isn't concerned of judgement or analytical thinking and who can act silly and express emotions without concern of judgement. I went on to delving into research of children's thinking and grown-up's ways of thinking and I explored all the ways to reconnect again with the behaviour of playfulness, activating imagination, the effort of creative-thinking and the appreciation for story-telling as a grown-up. Within 9 months of connecting with these behaviours, my mental state drastically improved and my health became so much better. Afterwards, I went on to dedicating the rest of my creative work to inspire wellbeing in a different way. I decided to dedicate my life to create a brand that carries pieces & future experiences that can serve as a safe space to be courageously and fearlessly yourself. To play, be silly, express, cry, and fully be who you are in that moment and to allow a safe space for this full experience without thinking of judgement from society. 
we do well-being differently.

Giving Back

Scoria is a proud partner of Feeding Children Everywhere, committing to providing children in need nutritious meals with every purchase. With collaborative efforts, we want to end world hunger and make nutritious meals accessible to all.  One meal that FCE provides is purely plant based, nutritious and versatile; includes lentils, Himalayan salt, rice and vegetables. FCE is not only an organization that cares about hunger, but also our planet and is conscious about waste. Read here FCE's sustainability projects.  


Scoria Cork Yoga Mats and Wellness Environmental Giving Mission feeding children everywhere

Courtesy of Feeding Children Everywhere