This year, we have chosen to add a second giving during our Cyber Week sale, in support of 4Ocean. Every 10 orders will remove a pound of waste from our oceans, rivers, coastlines and more. With every order contributing to removing waste, our goal is to pull 50 pounds (if not more) with your help!

Scoria World Cyber Giving 2021 - 32lbs of waste pulled from our oceans, December 6th

Did you know that every minute, a garbage truck full of plastic is dumped into the ocean? Or that it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic waste than fish, by weight, in our oceans? These horrible realities are only becoming worse as each year goes by, it’s time to stop it before things get much worse. Which is why we have chosen to support 4Ocean and their mission.

Once donated, 4Ocean’s cleanup mission is to remove the waste from our waterways and reuse the plastic collected to create products that support their goals. Since 2017, they have currently recovered 18,077,794 pounds of waste. You can read more about 4Ocean and their initiative here!  

Ready to create an impact and make a splash? This Cyber Giving, you receive 15% off and the oceans can get waste off. Click here to explore our Gift Giving Guide to make gifting easier and use code “CYBERWAVES” at checkout.