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Connect with your Inner Child


SCORIA's Story

It all started with a thesis project that aimed to answer: 

"What happened to our creativity after growing up?"




As a founder of Scoria, and a graduate of the Fashion Communications program at Toronto's Ryerson University, I researched the psychology of children and what leads to the depletion of creativity growing up. In 2015, it all started with the thesis project, Scribbles, where I displayed my handmade fashion collection based on children's drawings at the Mass Exodus Exhibit. With a strong passion for yoga and a long-time appreciation for the environment, I journeyed on to rebrand and build what is now Scoria. My focus is in merging creativity, mindfulness and fitness while staying as kind to the planet as possible. As an extension of the Scribbles thesis project, Scoria shifted from handmade art-wearable fashion collection, to everyday quirky designs that improve fitness performance while still being able to express the true self. 

Yara Kamal, Founder & Designer


from imagination to art


The design process at SCORIA involves interpreting dreamy stories from children into imaginative illustrations. This childlike style of drawing is a style that I love to embrace and share. It has been found that imagination; conceptual blending and not giving two cookies what others think will help adults find creativity again and survive the traditional ways of thinking.






Giving Back

Scoria is a proud partner of Feeding Children Everywhere, committing to providing 6 meals to a hungry child worldwide per purchase. With collaborative efforts, we want to end world hunger and make nutritious meals accessible to all.  One meal that FCE provides is purely plant based, nutritious and versatile; includes lentils, Himalayan salt, rice and vegetables. FCE is not only an organization that cares about hunger, but also our planet and is conscious about waste. Read here FCE's sustainability projects.  


Courtesy of Feeding Children Everywhere

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