How to Unlock your Full Potential in 2018!

*this post is written by Yara, our Founder, and extracted from her co-shared personal blog @selftimers* We are sharing this with you because we believe it will bring you value to start the new year* 

New Year meditation tips: 
Focus on opening your heart to receive joy, clarity, and prosperity form the universe. One question you may ask yourself during meditation: How do you want to feel this coming year? Visualize yourself in a setting where you feel your best, it could be feeling joyful, loved, proud, empowered. Whatever it is, engage the senses to realize what it is that is surrounding you and what is it that you are doing, and aim to do just that for 2018. You choose what you feel. What you feel becomes what you do. And, what you do will attract and manifest all you desire.

Letting go vs. Welcoming the new
It's easy opening doors for the new, but when it comes to letting go of the old, things may get difficult. 2018 is just a day away, and the New Year is a chance for change. A chance to start fresh, make detours, realize where you're heading and hopefully continue on a path that consistently pleases your heart, soul, body and mind.  We don't believe that change can only happen in the New Year. There's always a chance to make changes and adjust your path. But any opportunity to make time for yourself, reflect and set goals should be snatched and cultivated.

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Start with questions. You can ask yourself anything suitable to yourself. This will help you remember some highlights that impacted you in a negative or positive way. You can start with the following questions:


What was your proudest moment in 2017?
What were your saddest and happiest moments in 2017?
What was a goal that you gave up or didn't achieve in 2017? Why did you no longer pursue that goal? Is it something you want to revisit again?
Remember friends & others' kind moments and efforts. How can you give back to them this year and show your appreciation?
What and how did you give to the world this year? What else can you do? How did it make you feel?


 After answering the questions, think and reflect on your past year in categories.

1. Recap your career-related moments

Think of the journey that your career has taken you on, for example job moves, decisions you made, taking a job, taking a freelance project, getting a raise, not being happy at your job, what did you do about it? Think of it as your career story in 2017.

2. Recap your passions

Then, recap where your passions and hobbies have taken you this year. For example, starting new yoga classes, did you pursue dancing as much as you wanted, are you continuing a project, painting, starting a business you love and more. Overall, you want to know what you have achieved, loved and focused on in terms of your passions this year.

3. Recap your relationships

After that, recap your relationships with others in 2017. Did you let go of toxic friendships? Are you currently stuck in toxic relationships? Did you socialize or make new friends? How did you treat people around you? How are people around you making you feel? Who is really important to you?
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After your reflections, you will realize where your energy has been exhausted and where it has flourished. This is a huge indicator of what you should let go of for 2017 in order to achieve your potential and flourish.
After you reflect on your past year, your resolutions should serve these questions: How can I attract and manifest more of the good in each category? What work do I have to do in order to get there? What's something that worked with me this past year and what didn't?
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#1 Realize your next steps

Read all about how to set your new year resolutions in steps here.
Selftimers older new year post has very great advice on how to set new year resolutions that are up for success. 

#2 Don't forget about yourself

How can you cultivate a better relationship with yourself?
What is it that you appreciate about yourself?
Decide on one new experience you would love to give yourself in the new year.

#3 Choose one to three words to live by this year 

Always refer to this word with your decisions in 2018. I will share my words with you...
Last year I chose C O U R A G E  after realizing that on the other side of fear is everything I want. This year a few words came to mind, B A L A N C E, C O M M U N I T Y and I M P A C T

Balance: to avoid burn out and nourish my foundation.We all need self-care before we give and spread our energy to the world.
Community: for stronger connections and bringing others together.
Impact: for keeping it in mind during creative endeavours and work on providing value that makes a positive change.

Hope this posts inspires you and helps you realize the great potential within you!
Hope your 2018 is magical!

Stay gold, 

Yara Kamal
ft. Selftimers Blog

Love, the Scoria Team

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