An Eco-friendly Gift Guide

        Christmas is quickly becoming a season of consumerism,  sprouting from the “novelty” of the items we purchase, gift and receive. Although, we at Scoria are trying to move towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and natural lifestyle, this does not mean we are going to stop Christmas entirely... how radical. The idea and practice of Christmas gift giving still absolutely stands, we just think it’s more important to shift gift-giving to a place that shines light on the meaning of a gift rather than the idea of “who has this? how expensive is this? is this brand trending? etc.”

          Instead, as per our new found, “stewardship”, we can help to move Christmas to a more eco-conscious and anti-consumerist movement. You can absolutely join the journey by considering our recommendations!  

This gift guide is friendly for: the environmentally conscious mom / aunt / grandmother, the littles into yoga, teenagers breaking into the world, the alternative yogi man, and or/ anyone deserving of some environmentally suitable/meaningful gifts!

Tip: Buying from small online shops or cute boutiques around you; helps support your own area. Read more how you can support local businesses here.

I say this to my mother all the time, and she laughs, “Your greatest gift is me.” I always wrack my brain on what to gift my mom, the same question stands every Christmas and also her birthday, “How do you gift the woman, who has given you everything?” This is absolutely the time to get creative. Write her a letter, get her a frame with a picture of you two, donate on her behalf are only some of the options.  



More meaningful projects and gifts can be found hereWe are absolutely loving the photo display, and “gifts of health!”

However, if you don’t time for hand-made gifts- no worries. Here are two of our top gift recommendations:

Our life force mat is made to embrace the childhood-like ideals we gave up after we conformed to the societal trend of “growing up...leaving everything behind”. With this quirky design, we are reminded to hold onto and/or bring out our repressed childhood imagination. As you know, moms are so busy and rarely get time to themselves. Give your mom or a mom, time to chill with this mat. Perhaps all she needed to remind her to take that break, was to have the physical mat itself. We recommend the LIFE FORCE MAT, as our mothers are typically those who influence us, the women who give us strength and home.

This mat is made with 100% natural cork and biodegrades after it’s life cycle. The cork is completely renewable and sustainable as the bark used to create the mats is harvested in a way that doesn’t harm our trees. With every purchase; we are able to distribute 6 meals to a hungry child.

If yoga is something that your mom hasn’t quite broken into, include a couple benefits of yoga on a piece of paper and put it in the card- remember, personal touch is everything.


The PELA CASE is an eco-friendly (like our mats!), BPA-free, and 100% compostable phone case with multiple different designs/colours. This case is available for all the iPhone Plus’, Iphone 6/6s, Iphone 7 & Iphone 8, Iphone SE & Iphone 5/ 5S, Android Case



Kids Yoga Mat

Our Kids Yoga Mat is designed just for our littles! Embrace the world's first cork yoga mat for kids! Made from earth's love and goes back to earth at the end of its life cycle. Guaranteed to give kids super powers! With cute fishies, alignment lines and colours, children can follow along the lines and fish pattern to improve their poses.

Natural Art Supplies

Here at Scoria, we are all about creating art and provoking our most creative expressions. To continue the values here at Scoria, check out “natural art supplies.” With an array of supplies such as: Natural Crayons and Chalk, Eco Finger/Face paint, Crayon Rocks, Natural Earth Paint, Veggie SideWalk Chalk created with natural material, we help create a more toxin-free environment for our children and whilst providing them with gifts that allow them to cultivate their creativity.

Grow your own mushrooms

Get creative with your little by growing your mushroom farm! The kit/link below provides you with everything to grow mushrooms right out of the box. You don’t need to stick solely to mushrooms; surely there are other growth kits available. I just chose mushrooms as it is on our pizza right now…



Gift guide for teens

Teens can be difficult to purchase for. As one of our interns had only recently completed her “formalized” teen years, she honestly says from personal experience- the simpler the gift the better. Teens are unpredictable, but also smart. Give them a simple gift and they’ll figure out how to use it. Don’t think to hard, don’t follow trends as today’s millennials seem to follow their own. Simplicity is key.

Connection yoga mat

As teens are all about growth and maturity, it’s still important to remind them that our childlike imagination should still be exercised. With our quirky design, having the physical reminder on a yoga mat will surely help preserve their childlike ideals.

Our yoga mats are also 100% natural, creating a toxin free environment for yoga doers. Unlike other mats, created with synthetic rubber, bleach, and other toxins; our yoga mats will contribute to healthy well-being, as yoga should.



Our leggings come in two colors: beige and violet. Our leggings are made using 86% recycled yarns derived from post consumer plastic bottles and 14% spandex. They feel second-to-skin. In addition, the leggings are made in Canada, Antibacterial (natural treatment), Non-toxic, and. Gusset for comfort. Leggings are perfect for any location and serve different outfits!



Life as a teen can be hectic. As adults, it’s almost natural to undermine teenagers because of their age. Little do we realize that teens have extra busy lives, they are juggling extracurriculars inside and outside of school, determining what they are going to do after high school, and because they are in their more formalized years, they are required to attend class everyday, 9-2:30pm.

Click to shop the Anthropologie agenda

Click to shop ETSY eco-friendly agendas!



Gift guide for alternative yogi man!

A common misconception people have of Scoria- is that we are a brand designed solely for women. This is absolutely incorrect! This is like saying yoga is solely a “girls hobby.”

Our mats are absolutely gender neutral and are indeed used by men! Just check these yogis out

@Spletko & @xulian → @Spletco on our alignment mat & @Xulian on our connection mat.

Wax Colonge

Click here to shop natural wax cologne

Click to shop Ultimate Many Body Scrub

We are loving all the Kiels produts’ for men. The scents are a natural and earthy and practical.

Lastly, if you have time; us at Scoria are loving these DIY coasters. Click this for more in-depth detail on how to make these super cute coasters.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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With Love, 

Tiffany | Scoria World Creative Team

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